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There are three optical observation facilities in Bisei Spaceguard Center (BSGC) catch with its own telescope. The apertures of these telescopes are 1m, 50cm and 25cm. The specifications of the wide field of view are: 3 degrees for the 1 m telescope and 2 degrees for the 50 cm telescope. These fields of view are much wider than those of similar sized telescopes. To effectively cover this wide field of view, a CCD camera with 10 sheets of 2k x 4k (about 800 million pixels) is connected to the 1 m telescope.
The 1 m telescope is mainly used for discovering new asteroids and space debris, while the 50 cm and 25 cm telescopes are used to follow the movement of known celestial bodies.
Images picked up by these telescopes are used for detecting moving celestial bodies, after being processed by computers.


Bisei Spaceguard Center
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25 cm telescope 50 cm telescope
[25 cm telescope]   [50 cm telescope]
1 m telescope   a CCD camera with 10
[1 m telescope]   [a CCD camera with 10 chips]

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