29 Sep 2001

Dear Attendees:
Following is the final program for the workshop after some changes from
the 3rd circular. Within a week, I will send you all the presented abstracts.
After reading them, those who need some changes of their own abstracts
shhould send me those revised ones. As I announced you, we will produce
the Workshop Proceedings, and therefore please prepare your papers.
Our staff(s) wait for you at the Kurashiki station from 1pm to 10pm
on October 23. I will also inform you in a week which hotel you will

Have a good journey to Kurashiki.
Best regards,
Syuzo Isobe.

                An International Workshop
               Collaboration and Coordination 
          Among NEO Observers and Orbital Computers

                 Kurashiki City Art Museum
                 Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

                  October 23 to 26, 2001

SOC members: Syuzo Isobe (Co-Chair), Donald K. Yoemans (Co-Chair),
             Tom Morgan, Bob McMillan, Ted Bowell, Andrea Carusi,
             Brian Marsden, Richard Binzel, Karri Muinonen, and
             Mark Bailey

                    The Final Program

First day : October 23, Tuesday

        17:00 - 21:00   Reception at Kurashiki Kokusai Hotel (Light
                        meals are prepared)

Second day : October 24, Wednesday

1st Session     Chairman Syuzo Isobe

         9:30 -  9:35   Welcome address by LOC chairman M. Yoshikawa
         9:35 -  9:50   Welcome address by Govener of Okayama Prefecture
                        M. Ishii
         9:50 - 10:00   Welcome address by Assistant Executive Director
                        of NASDA T. Inada
        10:00 - 10:10   Adress by General Secretary of the International
                        Astronomical Union H. Rickman

                Coffee Break

2nd Session     Chairman Brian Marsden

        10:30 - 11:00   General remarks                D. Yoemans
        11:00 - 11:10   Short note                     S. Isobe

    NEO Detection Observation Teams

        11:10 - 11:35   Space Watch Team               T. Gehrels
        11:35 - 12:00   LONEOS team                    E. Bowell
        12:00 - 12:25   NEAT team                      E. Helin

                Lunch Break

3rd Session     Chairman Tom Gehrels

        13:45 - 14:10   LINEAR Team                    G. Stokes*
        14:10 - 14:35   Catalina Team                  S. Larson
        14:35 - 15:00   BSGC Team                      M. Yoshikawa

                Coffee Break

4th Session     Chairman Ted Bowell

    NEO Followup Team

        15:25 - 15:45                                  P. Pravec
        15:45 - 16:05                                  J. Ticha
        16:05 - 16:15                                  M. Ticha
        16:15 - 16:35                                  G. Tancredi
        16:35 - 16:55                                  D. Tholen
        16:55 - 17:30   Discussion

Third day : October 25, Thursday

5th Session     Chairman Karri Muinonen

    Organization Activity

         9:00 -  9:15   Spaceguard Foundation          A. Carusi
         9:15 -  9:35   SGF Central Node               A. Boattini
         9:35 -  9:55   NASA NEO Program Office        D. Yeomans
         9:55 - 10:05   UK Activity Report             M. Bailey
        10:05 - 10:25   IAU related view               H. Rickman
        10:25 - 10:50   Discussion

                Coffee break

6th Session     Chairman Syuzo Isobe

        11:15 - 11:45   A review of space mission       J. Kawaguchi
        11:45 - 12:00   Physical property of NEO        M. Greenberg
        12:00 - 12:30   Discussion from the 2nd day

                Lunch break

7th Session     Chairman Andrea Carusi

    Impact Prediction Team

        13:50 - 14:15   Minor Planet Center              B. Marsden
        14:15 - 14:40   NASA                             P. Chodas
        14:40 - 15:05   Finland                          K. Muinonen
        15:05 - 15:30   Italy                            G. Velsecchi

                Coffee break

8th Session     Chairman Hans Rickman

        15:55 - 16:30   Discussion on the 3rd day
        16:30 - 17:30   Discussion cooperative observation efforts

Fourth day : October 26, Friday

9th Session     Chairman Makoto Yoshikawa

    Contribution by Space Debris Teams

         9:00 -  9:25   NASA - US Air Force teams        J. Africano
         9:25 -  9:50   ESA team                         T. Schildneckt
         9:50 - 10:10   NASDA team                       K. Nonaka
        10:10 - 10:25   NASDA software development       M. Kameyama

10th Session    Chairman Don Yoemans

        10:50 - 12:20   Discussion on plan and schedule to optimize
                        international discovery and follow-up efforts

                Lunch break

11th Session    Chairman Mark Bailey

        13:50 - 15:00   Prepare final conclusion
        15:00 - 15:10   The Final address and announcement      S. Isobe

        18:30 - 21:00   Banquet at Okayama Sanko-So, Okayama city
                All attendances and accompanying persons are invited

Fifth day : October 27, Saturday

         9:00   Departure to the BSGC in front of Kurashiki City Art Museum
        12:00   Arrive at the Bisei town. Lunch
        13:00   Innagulation of the BSGC
        15:00   Visit to BSGC
        17:00   Return to Kurashiki 

Meeting location: Kurashiki city art museum
       Address              2-6-1 Cyuou Kurashiki City Okayama-ken.
       Telephone            81-86-425-6034
       Facsimile            81-86-426-6036

How to reach:
       Attendees and guests will land at the Kansai International
       airport, take a super-express train with a name of Haruka to Shin-Osaka 
       (about 50 minutes), followed by a bullet train with a name of Hikari
       (rapid) or Kodama (slow) (Shin-Kansen) to Okayama (60 minutes),
       and the a commuter train to Kurashiki (10 minutes).
       You should buy a ticket to Kurashiki station and two supplement tickets
       for super-express and bullet trains. These one way tickets cost
       about 8,000 yen.
       The other Attendees and Guests will land at the Narita International
       airport, take a super express train with a name of Narita-Express
       to Tokyo (about 60 minutes), followed by a bullet train with a name
       of Nozomi (much rapid but expensive 3 hours 10 minutes) or Hikari
       (rapid 4 hours) to Okayama, and a commuter train to Kurashiki
       (10 minutes). You should buy a ticket to Kurashiki station and 
       supplement tickets for super-express and bullet trains. These one way
       tickets cost about 20,000 yen.