Apr. 17,  2001

The 2nd Circular and request for registration.

                An International Workshop
               Collaboration and Coordination 
          Among NEO Observers and Orbital Computers

                 Kurashiki City Art Museum
                 Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan

                  October 23 to 26, 2001

   The Japan Spaceguad Association would like to hold a workshop
from October 23 through 26, 2001, at
the Kurashiki City Art Museum (near the Bisei Spaceguard Center).
Following the workshop, we will inaugurate the Bisei Spaceguard Center
on October 27. 

Purpose of the Workshop:
     In these years NEO matters have been discussed at different occasions
and organizations. Number of NEO observers and orbital computers has been
increasing and they have been producing excelent results. However, it seems
that there were not much discussions on collaboration and coordination
among them and some critical debates between those teams were brought.
Therefore, the SOC intends to make this workshop to solve the problems
or at least to start to its solution. Program  of this workshop will be
arranged with some introductory reports by NEO observers and orbital
computers and set aside many hours for discussions.

SOC members: Syuzo Isobe (Co-Chair), Donald K. Yoemans (Co-Chair),
             Tom Morgan, Bob McMillan, Ted Bowell, Andrea Carusi,
             Brian Marsden, Richard Binzel, Karri Muinonen, and
             Mark Bailey


First day: Tuesday October 23 evening, reception in Kurashiki.

Second day: Wednesday October 24
General remarks (D. Yeomans and S. Isobe)
Six 30-minute reports from observational teams
  (E. Bowell, G. Stokes*, E. Helin, S. Larson, T. Gehrels, M. Yoshikawa) 
Reports from follow-up teams (P. Pravec, Klet, D. Tholen, G. Tancredi)
Report from SGF Central Node (A. Boattini*)
Review of proposed space missions (TBD)

Third day: Thursday October 25
30-minute presentation by MPC (B. Marsden)
Three 30 minute presentations by impact prediction teams
     (P. Chodas, A. Milani*, K. Muinonen)
15-minute presentation by Spaceguard Foundation (A. Carusi)
30-minute presentation by NASA NEO Program Office (D. Yeomans)
30-minute presentation by IAU related view (H. Rickman)

Panel discussion on cooperative observational efforts 
Panel goal:  provide recommendations and suggest plans and 
      schedule to optimize international discovery and follow-up 

Fouth day: Friday October 26
Three 30-minute presentation by Space Debris teams
      (J. Africano, T. Schildneckt, M. Nonaka)
Panel discussion on cooperative orbital computations
Panel goal:  Provide recommendations on computational 
      techniques, guidelines for announcing Earth-threatening 
      threatening objects, and the use of the Torino scale.

Review, Discuss and prepare final draft of panel 

Fifth day: Saturday October 27
Inauguration of the Bisei Spaceguard Center. This is one-day trip.

* Speaker's names may be changed to one belonging at same organization.

Additionally to this program, we will hold two public lectures on
       Sunday October 21 and Sunday October 28.

Meeting location: Kurashiki city art museum
       Address              2-6-1 Cyuou Kurashiki City Okayama-ken.
       Telephone            81-86-425-6034
       Facsimile            81-86-426-6036

How to reach:
       Attendees and guests will land at the Kansai International
       airport, take a super-express train with a name of Haruka to Shin-Osaka 
       (about 50 minutes), followed by a bullet train with a name of Hikari
       (rapid) or Kodama (slow) (Shin-Kansen) to Okayama (60 minutes),
       and the a commuter train to Kurashiki (10 minutes).
       You should buy a ticket to Kurashiki station and two supplement tickets
       for super-express and bullet trains. These one way tickets cost
       about 8,000 yen.
       The other Attendees and Guests will land at the Narita International
       airport, take a super express train with a name of Narita-Express
       to Tokyo (about 60 minutes), followed by a bullet train with a name
       of Nozomi (much rapid but expensive 3 hours 10 minutes) or Hikari
       (rapid 4 hours) to Okayama, and a commuter train to Kurashiki
       (10 minutes). You should buy a ticket to Kurashiki station and 
       supplement tickets for super-express and bullet trains. These one way
       tickets cost about 20,000 yen.
       There are a few hotels in Kurashiki area. We blocked 30 single rooms
       of Kurashiki Station hotel and 30 single rooms of Toyoko Inn Kurashiki
       Minamiguchi. You can request the other type hotel room to Isobe and
       LOC will try to fit its request.

Address                    2-8-1 Achi Kurashiki City Okayama-ken.
Telephone                  81-86-425-2525
Facsimile                  81-86-426-6702
Guest room                  all 111 rooms
Single bed                 \5,500 - \6,000
Twin beds                  \11,000 - \12,000

Address                      2-10-20 Achi Kurashiki City Okayama-ken.
Telephone                   81-86-430-1046
Facsimile                   81-86-430-1046
Guest room                   all 154 rooms
Single bed (143 rooms)      \5,800
Twin beds A                 \7,300
Twin beds B                 \7,800
Sight seeing:
       There are several good sight seeing areas not far from the Workshop
       hall. We will give you further informations in the next circular.

Weather and the other informations:
       October is one of the best season in Japan. Temperature is usualy
       11 - 17 degree C. In the evening, you may need an additional sweater.
       There is some percent of probability to be rainy as usual in Japan
       and may be occasionally hit by a typhoon. At the Bisei trip, you can
       enjoy a beuariful maple.

       Electricity is 100 V and 60 Hz.

Registration fee: 
       15,000 yen which covers refreshment during meeting, one copy of
       proceeding, and trip to the Bisei Spaceguard Center.

Please send back following informations to the e-mail address of Isobe,
by May 25, 2001.
       Family Name:
       First Name:
       Postal Address:
       Tel. Number:
       Fax. Number:
       e-mail Address:

       O  I will attend the workshop.
       O  I do not decide yet.
       O  I do not attend the workshop.

       O  I am an invited speaker.
       O  I would like to present a paper.
       O  I will not present a paper.
       Title of paper: _________________________________________________
       Arrival date to Kurashiki      ___ October, 2001
       Departure date from Kurashiki  ___ October, 2001

       Which hotel will you ask LOC reserve?    1 or 2 
       O Prepare your hotel room by yourself.
       O Request LOC to look for the other hotel room.
            Please write your request: _________________________________.
       If you have any specific request(s), please write below:

       If you need further informations on hotel in Tokyo or Osaka area,
       please contact with Isobe.
       Kurashiki City is in the Edo period style (17 to 19 century).

The 3rd circular will be sent in July.
Thank you for your coorporation.